It has been a year of building: the longest ice cream sundae in the USA, relationships among business owners, and awareness of products and services offered through our wonderful local businesses.

We’ve put Nashville on the map through effective advertising and partnerships throughout the region. We’ve created a buzz, attracting attention from neighboring communities, and people far away through the power of Facebook.

We’ve collaborated. We’ve brainstormed. We’ve sparked new ideas and rekindled what makes us love where we live. We’ve been awarded grants from the Barry Community Foundation that will help us continue to create a destination and bring more people to Nashville to shop, work, live and play.

While we’ve accomplished much in our first year, we must work to keep the momentum going as we move forward! Through Strategic Planning with the Barry County Economic Development Alliance, we have set goals for the coming year to help the Nashville Route 66 Business District become a strong, solid organization that will thrive for years to come. With local businesses supporting each other, we can reach further.