Nashville Route 66 Business District

Located along M-66 in Nashville, Michigan, the Nashville Route 66 Business District invites you to visit. Nashville notes itself for being the “friendly village” and the Business District seeks to create reasons for you to visit, shop, dine, and maybe decide to stay.

Our organization is more than 45 members strong including retail, dining, service, education, health, arts, non-profits, and churches. The organization began organizing in 2014. For information about joining or getting involved, email

Our Vision:  Local Businesses Supporting Each Other

Our Mission:  Generating Opportunities to Promote Business and Create a Destination

We Value:  Community, Teamwork, Transparency, Positive Communication, Longevity, Conscientious Use of Resources, and Accountability

Our Successes:

  • Created a strategic plan to guide our organization.
  • Three consecutive years of over 45 member businesses.
  • Re-branded the M-66 corridor running through Nashville.
  • In 2015, attempted to break the world record for the longest ice cream sundae and attracted the attention of Facebook Stories.
  • In 2016, BROKE the Guinness World Record for the Longest Ice Cream Sundae!
  • In 2016, re-opened historical Sandyland Park with Return to Sandyland concerts